Multimodal Solutions

Transport Th. Wouters, considers multimodal transport operations to be crucial in modern supply chains.

Operating our own container yard and truck fleet allows us to guarantee on-time deliveries, even when using barge and/or rail for a major part of the inland haulage over longer distances.

It can be challenging to offer a reliable solution for the last or first mile between the inland terminal and the client’s premises when dealing with multimodal transports. Thanks to the many assets at our disposal, the necessary tools are available to ensure that containers meet the requested appointments.

  • Ship and barge connection
  • Nightly haulage
  • Our own container yard with mobile cranes and tug masters
  • Cooperation with inland terminals
  • First and last mile solution


The existing barge services are crucial to move large volumes of containers between different terminals at the Port of Antwerp.

With its own water connected container depot (barge accessible), Transport Th. Wouters is able to connect the logistic warehouses in the port area with the deep-sea terminals that load and unload the ocean vessels, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Our own water connected port concession
  • Barge accessible
  • Ability to handle large volumes of containers
  • Perform reliable first and last mile service

Transport Th. Wouters’ modal approach lets us use all available multimodal options to reduce the carbon footprint of containers transports.


Like existing barge services, rail also plays an important role in the multimodal connection of the Port of Antwerp with its hinterland, linking the different terminals at the port with each other as well as with the rail terminals in various European inland locations.

Having different rail service terminals nearby allows Transport Th. Wouters to operate container transports to/from locations where barge services are not available or less efficient.

  • Nearby rail terminals
  • Dedicated agreements with rail operators
  • Last mile solutions

Through our detailed planning, covering various modes of transports and nightly haulage, Transport Th. Wouters ensures a reliable supply chain for all stakeholders involved.


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