Container Transport

The huge cargo flows generated by the Port of Antwerp, combined with our modern truck fleet and efficient processing abilities puts us in a unique position. We can handle all road shipments to and from the Benelux, Northern France, the Ruhr area of Germany, and beyond.

Combining different flows and destinations enables us to minimise empty mileage and reduce our carbon footprint. The flexibility of having our own container yard, operating enough trailers and making use of different inland terminals allows us to optimise our planning.

We can handle:

  • Significant volume
  • Port haulage from ship’s terminals to logistic warehouses
  • Most frequent destinations a and origins: Benelux, North of France, Ruhr area (in Germany)
  • Other European locations on demand
  • Optimising flows by using inland terminals


To avoid road congestion in and around Antwerp as well as congested terminals, we are committed to operating around the clock. Working day and night increases our operational capacity, offers more flexibility and saves on costs. At night we evacuate all containers from the daytime congested terminals to our own container yard, improving delivery times and collections to and from inland locations.

  • We avoid congestion at port terminals
  • Ships are getting bigger, volumes are getting higher
  • We have our own container yard
  • Less delays than during day hours


Having our own container yard and night time trucking capacity, Transport Th. Wouters avoids losing time at congested port terminals and ensures on-time deliveries and collections to logistic facilities in the port area.

Our container yard is used as central hub, resulting in:

  • Flexibility and additional capacity
  • No extra costs due to congestion
  • No delayed deliveries or collections

Dangerous goods: ADR

All our vehicules and drivers are ADR parcel compliant.

We are allowed to transport substances classified under following ADR parcel rules and classes:

  • Class 2 Compressed gases
  • Class 3 Flammable liquids
  • Class 4 Flammable solids
  • Class 5 Oxidisers
  • Class 6 Poisons
  • Class 8 Corrosive liquids
  • Class 9 Miscellaneous
  • Other related markings


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