Our decision to fully integrate our ERP system with our TMS, OBUs, digital asset trackers and container yard management software provides tracking possibilities for continuous cargo monitoring. It provides optimal real-time data sharing in every direction. EDI/XML communication allows us to maintain control of the entire flow, from full container at deep-sea terminal to empty container turn-in at our own container depot. Our drivers, dispatchers and administrative operators always have the most accurate information and can provide our clients with correct information, whenever needed, if not already provided by automated messages, triggered by our workflow process. This also makes life easier for our clients and avoids having to chase down missing information.

Administration and paperwork is considerably reduced for our clients as well as our subcontractors. The use of e-CMRs ensures that information about the commercial relationship between all involved parties remains confidential at all times, benefitting clients and subcontractors at no extra cost. A QR code can be scanned using a smartphone to provide a signature if the user is linked to the corresponding platform. Clients can log in to the website and sign off the moment our truck arrives, using a computer. Clients can also pay freight invoices when they receive a signed proof of delivery and use the e-CMR system for proof of payment.


Our ultimate goal is making freight transport related administration entirely digital. The rules for transporting goods internationally are covered by the Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road, known as the CMR. The e-CMR consignment notes contain all the necessary information about shipments for receiving parties as part of our digitalisation.

Using the e-CMR has many advantages, and Transport Th. Wouters is one of the pioneers already offering this service, as it makes deliveries easier, faster and more cost-efficient. It also brings transparency, greater data accuracy, real-time information, better monitoring of shipments and provides proof of pick-up and delivery.

  • Digital e-CMR, as an early adopter
  • Digital signatures
  • Smartphone: scan QR code
  • PC: signing in on the web portal is also an option
  • Speed up payments as a lot of companies only pay when they receive a copy of the signed CMR
  • Strong market demand
  • Real-time proof of delivery or collection, our clients receive the signed e-CMR in their mailbox


The on-board unit (OBU) is crucial to our entire process. All Transport Th. Wouters’ drivers receive instructions on tablets, enabling them to handle the information in real-time. Any transport problem can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently as the unit will automatically relay the information to the head office. The device is integrated into all processes, with all data captured and logged.

The OBU helps integrate work flows and the necessary checks, ensuring a system-driven quality control that is practical and agile. It also helps make good decisions.

  • All our truck drivers receive digital instructions
  • Tracking and tracing of not only our trucks and trailers but also the containers that get transported
  • Real-time data integration with tacho to monitor safety and legal aspects
  • In case of issues, drivers transmit pictures showing the situation to the office
  • Creation of customised workflows
  • Indispensable for organising nightly operations, enabling us to operate 24/7


Transport Th. Wouters uses the e-connected platform in all its processes, also integrating all their subcontractors. It enables the automatic monitoring of all orders, following up their own operations as well as those done by subcontractors.

  • Subcontracted operations generate same transmission of information as if it was done by our own fleet
  • No noticeable service and quality difference for our customers when subcontractors are used
  • Automated monitoring by exception


Our office wall is equipped with several large flat screens showing a graphical presentation of our workload over a larger period. It provides an overview of all accepted orders and makes it a lot easier to make good decisions.

The video wall provides a constant general overview and allows us to maximise our capacity on trucks and multimodal solutions by rail and/or barge. This digital tool helps to streamline our workload and modal shift.

  • General overview over a larger period
  • Alerts showing priorities and deadlines to avoid costs like demurrage, detention or storage
  • Combined overview for our fleet and container yard


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