Transport Th. Wouters offers a 24-hour service based on quality, flexibility and reliability. For all our clients’ logistic requirements, we offer a cost-effective bespoke service that gets their cargo to the right place at the right time.

Our network of trucks, container yard, deep-sea terminal connections and barge/rail services handles up to 40,000 containers a year. Our trucks are equipped with a state-of-the-art tracking system that lets us monitor all cargo in real time, ensuring seamless and prompt transport processing.

We have also made substantial investments in order to transfer existing volumes to the different modal solutions. Digitalisation and modern transport connectivity have helped us significantly improve our efficiency and effectiveness. Our ability to handle large volumes give us a competitive advantage in terms of flexibility and increased capacity.

Family business

The remarkable performance of Walter Wouters working in the Port of Antwerp together with three of his sons is the drive behind our successful company. Being a family business with the ability to make fast decisions, we are proud to offer our clients efficient and flexible services, carried out by a dedicated team meeting to meet the highest of expectations.

Our family spirit and attention to detail allows us make quick but realistic decisions. This is the case when making investments needed to offer our clients reliable, efficient and integrated services.

Founder Theo Wouters – second from left


Charcoal truck carrying a container

In 1938, Walter Wouters’ father Theo Wouters and his wife started a successful business transporting and distributing charcoal. In the 1960s, when the container became the new standard in maritime transportation, they revolutionised their operation by adapting their existing truck fleet to transport containers instead of charcoal. This business innovation helped them make the switch, and together with many shipping clients, the company continued to expand.

Through the years, the company continued to invest in innovative services long before they became commonplace, such as container haulage, customs brokerage, air and ocean freight forwarding, followed by warehouse logistics and physical distribution.

Transport Th. Wouters provided third-party logistics before others started using wording 3PL. Such forward thinking remains essential to how the business is run and how new challenges are met.



Transport Th. Wouters is located in the Port of Antwerp, a major European hub accessible to the largest ocean vessels in the world, through which all of Europe can be reached within a few days.

As a key part of the supply chain, our digitalisation programme has implemented real-time information into all our processes to support the flow of goods as efficiently as possible. By continually improving and updating our fleet and services, our streamlined operations add value and reduce costs. Speed, value and ability is what sets us apart from the competition.

With our extensive fleet of regularly renewed trucking units, trailers and container chassis, through our access to deep sea terminals and a network of barge transportation and other multimodal transport solutions, we can optimise the product flow, handling and process engineering, making sure all our services are managed efficiently.

  • Digitalisation of processing
  • Digital invoicing: we can send XML files so you can import and process them directly in your bookkeeping application
  • Real-time data sharing: seal numbers, container numbers, tare weights, VGM, etc.
  • Integration with onboard units
  • Digital e-CMR
  • Integration with subcontractors
  • We can scale up effortlessly
  • EDI connections for order processing and exchanging real-time data in both directions
  • Flexible capacity to handle big volumes
  • Modal shift leads to flexibility and increased capacity, we bring volumes from day to night
    • 24/7 operations
    • Shifting container transports from day to night (avoiding congestion on busy roads and deep sea terminals during peak hours)
    • Use of intermodal solutions like barge and rail
    • Anticipating huge mobility works around Antwerp, called the ‘Oosterweel connection’
  • 40,000 containers this year

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